Foot Scanning

Simon has experience using 5 different measuring systems since 1993 including in-shoe and pressure mats. The current RSscan pressure plate system allows dynamic and static measurements and can record up to 500 frames of data a second, this allows in-depth analysis of the pressure and force distribution and their association with the biomechanics of the foot.
The advanced software allows automatic division of the foot into specific regions. This has been particularly interesting when auditing outcomes of patients having corrective foot surgery as data collected before surgery can be compared with data taken after.
The high resolution images provide the patient with an understanding of their foot function/dysfunction and assess progress of their treatment management. The vast amount of meaningful data provided by the footscan does not give a diagnosis in the same way an x-ray does not give a diagnosis – the diagnosis is made through the expertise of the clinician interpreting the images. Insoles can then be designed to change the abnormal image results from the pressure scans. Simon has collected over 2000 patients on the footscan database – some patients have comparison foot pressure data from longitudinal studies taken at intervals over a number of years.