Heel/Arch Pain – Plantarfasciitis


Many years ago at University part of our clinical experience was spent in a clinic and on the wards at Dryburn Hospital in Durham UK. A new hospital now occupies the site of the original hospital and I hope the hard-floored central corridor built on an incline is no longer there as that is where I first experienced my heel/arch pain Plantarfasciitis.


I describe the symptoms as a knife like pain beneath the inside of my heel extending into the arch, standing up initially after resting the foot was often more painful for the first few steps than walking the length of the hospital corridor, that initial weightbearing from rest is often a clue to this condition.


The reason for my plantarfasciitis developing was a combination of tight calf muscles (family trait) and unsupportive formal shoes.


I recognised the problem and immediately put some simple orthopaedic felt padding under my arch inside the shoe and some strapping on my foot.


The symptoms settled quickly because I caught the problem early. I have since experienced signs of the plantarfasciitis trying to return twice in the past few years – both times during moving house – running up and down stairs with boxes without wearing my orthotic insoles and also neglecting my stretches to reduce the traction through my calf muscles, Achilles tendons and plantarfascia.